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Hay Day Hack

Hay Day Hack

Hay Day Hack

Cheats and hacks are common these days and allow players to enjoy games without having to worry about resources and other boring stuff. Hay Day Hack allows you just that , to enjoy this awesome game without the need to wait for resources to be collected . If you’ve played FarmVille on Facebook then you will love these Hay Day cheats because it plays in a similar way . The only downside of the game because you have limited coins and diamonds . You must have a lot of diamonds and coins to be good at it and this is where the Hay day hack tool comes to save the day. This is how main window looks like.



The best thing about Hay Day Hack that he has some incredible things like anti-ban and proxy support , and all this comes with a full user interface. If you use iPad(or other i-something) then hack tool will safely work on your device . When hacking , you will receive coins or diamonds and will appear in game . After downloading the program open the program, as an administrator .To get the items you want in the game you need to select the amount first and click start. You must be logged in to Facebook . It typically takes a few minutes ( 1 minute or 2 minutes ) .
Hay Day Hack Features:

Unlimited Diamonds
Unlimited number of coins
Get new updates automatically
No Jailbreak Needed
100% Undetected and Safe
Mac and PC Compatible

With the hack you can have an unlimited number of diamonds and unlimited coin. You can have a maximum level XP. It works on PC, Mac OS, and on all mobile interfaces . Hay Day Cheats tool automatically updates and it’s safe and tested. It also has a private proxy support (100% secure).

How to Use the Hack:
Download Hack Tool
Connect your device to Android or iOS to your computer via the USB port (Hay Day Hack must be installed)
Third Open your tool and click the Detect Device
Enter the value of coins or diamond as you want, and then click the button to patch the game and it will automatically update
Enjoy with Hay Day HACK !!


  1. first one that worked for me lol THANKS!!

  2. +1 for this great tool!

  3. i love you man this does work and it is the only tool that I found working

  4. PEOPLE this actually works

  5. this is damn perfect for me its working thank s alot

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